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Thread: Nexus Installations without a vault

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    Tategoi The Pond Digger's Avatar
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    Redlands, California

    Nexus Installations without a vault

    Can anyone offer up constructive feedback on installing a Nexus Filter in ground, without a vault? I have come across one NEXUS 300 that was buried in ground. The filter was on a property that allowed the drain waste to still gravity flow down to a lower section of landscape on the property without the usage of a dump tank and sump pump. The filter was at the home of a DIY hobbyist and everything appeared to be honky dory.

    It seems this is not the optimal installation situation but would like to hear more suggestions on this installation approach. I hear many Nexus filters have been installed in this manner and am looking for feedback.

    If the construction of a proper vault is cost prohibitive or not possible because of space constraints, would/should this be considered a viable installation option?

    I imagine there are different things to consider in HARSH FREEZE ZONES like Minnesota. I am mainly interested in Southern California temperature zones at this time.

    The CETUS if installed in ground without a vault will likely not function property because the floating weir will most certainly not have the freedom to move freely because of friction from the pressure on the sides of the filter. Are there any obvious issues, other than draining the waste, similar to this if the Nexus is installed in ground without a vault?

    I know it seems like a shame to bury the Nexus because the filter is so nice looking comparatively but what are the cons if this installation is necessary? Assuming Gravity Flow from the filter to the pond is not a possibility.

    The round configuration of the filter seems to offer enough support without a problem.

    Looking forward to the feedback.

    With Humility,

    The Pond Digger
    "Doubt sees the obstacles, Faith sees the way!"

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    Honmei MCA's Avatar
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    Do a semiraised pond with walls 18-24" above grade. The the filter pit only needs to 12" below grade....plus the depth of the concrete floor. I put a 12" think concrete floor in our filter pit and did 1/2" rebard on 12" centers.

    In my opinion semiraised ponds offer so many advantages. Less digging for both the pond and for the filter pit. You can sit on the wall and feed the fish and observe them. You do not have to get down on hands and knees to net or bowl. The raised walls also keeps out wind blow debris on the ground, pets, little kids, dogs, and other unwelcome guests.

    The older you get, the more you appreciate a semiraised pond design.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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    Something like this would work

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    Here is a pond we had a tight area, so it was mounted in hill and a deck cover over. Pump, Air pump, Pre,and valves all nicely hidden away. Makes a great veiwing area as well.

    I wouldn't bury it by any means................may have to dig it up if and I say if there was a connetion problem or a mega big gopher chewing on something. Try to use a vault of some sort Eric much easier and less chance of buried hidden problems.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Nexus Installations without a vault-pondpic.jpg   Nexus Installations without a vault-dscf0690.jpg  

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    Tategoi The Pond Digger's Avatar
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    Redlands, California

    Food For Thought

    There's some food for thought. Any more?


    The Pond Digger

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