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Thread: Keeping predators out

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    Keeping predators out

    We have an above ground pond and it is visited nightly by raccoons. We have a mesh net covering the top of the pond to protect the fish but they are persistent little buggers. A few nights ago they decided to see how tasty the hose was and pinched the end then they managed to rip the mesh a bit the other night. So far there have been no fish losses.

    My koi aren't some of the most valuable koi out there (lack of quality availability in my city) but before I spend the time and money to get the koi I really want I need to figure out how to protect them. We have raccoons, herons, king fishers and weasels here. Raccoons and Herons are the common culprit for missing fish in open ponds.

    How have you prevented predators from invading your ponds and eating your koi?

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    I use a heavy 1/4" knotted mesh fishing net over the pond, and have used a hotwire "corral" to keep herons and such from walking in. In your instance, I'd add a single strand hotwire fence at about 10" above ground level for the raccoons to become acquainted with "the hand of God" before they even step close to your pond. You'll know when they find it. The sounds can be quite entertaining...

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    the 32" gator floating head and large dog combo works quite well for us.
    our bigest pest is the blue heron who checks our ponds regularly.
    we have not lost a koi to him in several years though....knock on wood

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