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Thread: construction of a naturally fed ponds?

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    Question construction of a naturally fed ponds?

    We have purchased a property with several artisan springs on it and would like to naturally feed our new koi pond with one. Does anyone have any suggestion in building a naturally fed koi pond. I currently have a closed system pond that recirculates so I'm not familiar with naturally fed ponds. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Assuming the spring water is of good quality (send samples to a lab for testing)...pipe it to flow into the pond (or a filter chamber). Let the pond overflow port (in the pond wall or filter chamber wall) take the excess water to where you put the water you have been removing when you do water changes. In my case that would be to the yard or storm drain. You may need to route the overflow to a sump where a sump pump puts the water in the desire location.

    Hard to say more without know the details of your pond.
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