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Thread: 4" vpr

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    4" vpr

    I recently contracted a design and filtration system for a 6000 gal pond on the East Coast. It's a "still" pond just outlide a Gentlemans private room at his house. No waterfall or other above surface entry of water so I designed a complete "airlift" system for it to both oxygenate the Bio-filtration and move the water. No traditional pond pumps at all. This gave me the opportunity to return the bulk of the water back through the bottom drain in a 4" vertical pond return. One obstacle was the air dome so I built a flat Air doughnut for the airdome portion of the cover which will be on a timer.
    Thanks again to those on the boards who came up with this concept over a year ago.
    Having a problem uploading pics. Will try later.

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    Sounds exellent and I hope you get the pix up. I find the whole concept intriguing and it could be a real problem solver for those whose neighbors like to complain about the waterfall noise.

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    I used the same "Cam Lock" system I use on my static pre-filters for the air dome and cover attachment to the 4 inch VPR line.
    The filtration for this pond will be bottom drain, midwater drain and skimmer all gravity flow to a Wave 36 settlement tank with a 30 inch static pre-filter and six inch outlet of my own design. from there it's split into two 4 inch lines each going to bio with seperate airlifts. One will be an airlift static biofilter for fines control and the other will be an airlift "airlift dilution reactor" of my own design. Each will dump into a central purge tank a with the water level a few inches above pond water level. From the purge tank the water will return back to the pond through the 4 inch VPR in the center of the drain and two 2 inch TPRs.
    The pond will be ICF (insulated concrete forms) on a concrete floor all shot with polyurea.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-1-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-14-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-15-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-18-676x507.jpg  

    4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-20-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-21-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-22-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-26-676x507.jpg   4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-27-676x507.jpg  

    4" vpr-4-inch-vpr-29-676x507.jpg  

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