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Thread: about a pond build

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    about a pond build

    hi im new to this site and have been viewing it for a few days before i registered,
    it seems a lot of people here like to help others
    im from the united kingdom and i am intrested in keeping koi but would like some more info on pond,
    i have looked in alot of places for help and information on keeping them and would like to see if you can help with my pond,

    well in the uk we have cold winters so instead of having a winter pond i was just going to build one pond but would be having it raised 3 foot from the ground but 4 foot deep
    making the depth 7 foot deep

    would this be best building from brick and having it linered or would it best be done by concreteing it
    by useing railway sleepers as a side then linering that,
    or breeze blocks

    also whats the purpose of the drain, other than draining the water
    is there any way of leaving the drain out and having some other way of pumping the water out

    as im new to this i see alot of different views and would like to ask here
    as i see alot of nice ponds

    the raised pond im building will have like a big wooden shed over it with insulated sides and a plastic roof
    so the sun can still shine through and it will keep the cold out when we have snow or other bad weather
    also would stop leaves geting in the pond

    is this a good idea?

    please help

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    Hi Ash. First of all, building methods differ in the UK as compared to the US. Here in the US, reinforced concrete block or gunite tend to be the structural systems of choice. The Koi ponds I have visited in the UK have been built utilizing reinforced concrete flooring and block walls rendered in fiberglass but I am sure there are other methods available. Your idea of 2 ft up and 4 down is a good one but those bottom drains are MANDATORY for a koi pond with each covering about a 12 ft diameter area. This allows for the floor to be continually swept free of debrise, pulling solids to a seperation chamber and filtration.

    I would suggest that you continue to do more research prior to finalizing your construction plans.

    The views presented are my personal views and not that of any organization that I may belong to unless otherwise specified. [email protected]

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    so there is no way to have the drain like from a pipe going over the top of the pond and into the bottom?
    and thanks for the reply

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    Step one...join you local BKKS section. You will be able to get all sorts of local advise. British Koi Keepers Society | The BKKS | For everything Koi in the UK - since 1970

    One of the best sites for pond construction info is from Wales: Koi Cymru. Follow the links on the Welsh page to the construction steps. That should answer most of your questions about a proper construction design and installation.

    Our pond in Atlanta is 2 feet above ground and 6 feet below. Our koi very much like the 8' depth. While a pond can be too deep for us (too deep to easily net them), it can not be too deep for them. The greater the depth the greater the water volume and typically the more stable the water parameters...including temp.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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    I could be wrong but I am quessing that where you want to build your pond is pretty much already done ? as putting a bottom drian in is not hard to do if it is done in advance.
    yes you can install a bottom drain in the way you wish (just not as pleasing to the viewer) the biggest draw back is you won't can take advantage of gravity as you would have your pipe work above the water level. So would require a pump to push it to the sediment tank and following filter.

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    ok thanks for all your help
    i havent started the pond yet and i wont be untill ive found the best way
    i want the koi to be happy as possible so i might think about increasing depth to around 8 foot
    so something like 5 foot down and 3 foot high
    i will have a good look through the links to the sites you gave me
    thanks for your help
    planning on doing this in a few months time when ive got as much information as possible

    the link for http://www.koicymru.co.uk/ dont work for me
    keeps saying problem loading page

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashbuster View Post
    the link for Koi Cymru dont work for me
    keeps saying problem loading page
    Must be something with your system, works fine here.

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    Nov 2008
    its working now lol
    will check it out

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