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Thread: New money pit

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    New money pit

    Hey Everyone,

    Looking to 2009 I would like to start construction on my 5th (hopefully final ) pond in the spring. I don't expect it to be completed until 2010 but I'd like to start planning now so I can begin to align those almighty ducks...

    Quick specs:

    15K - 16K gallons
    Looking to turn the water over once an hour
    Would like to use 3 pumps, one for each circuit for redundancy
    BD's will be gravity fed to settlement
    Skimmers will be suction (unless someone has a different idea to get them gravity flowing and still function well with my layout)
    All gravity lines will be 4", and all pressurized lines will be 2"
    Straight walls (of course) and bottom to be bowled toward BD's

    I'm needing suggestions/recommendations for:

    Pump size for each circuit
    Filter suggestions for the BD circuits (I've kinda made my mind up on the bakki)
    TPR locations and directions for flow
    Size of vortex needed for settlement
    Placement of skimmers

    I'm also curious about changing from aerated bottom drains to a design featured in Koi USA a few months back where BD's were used as well as separate air diffusers sort of set up between the bottom drains. Is this a better design? Worth the extra trouble? Opinions please.

    Anyway, any ideas/changes are welcome.

    Thanks for your time,


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    A couple of things I noticed. A 4 foot filter pit will not allow any walking space if you go with vortex's. Vortex's settle out the heavier than water solids but keep them in the water stream until you dump them, where as a sieve will actually remove the waste from the water stream.
    I would change the TPRs like the drawing below. Go with two aerated BDs like the Koi Toilet 1's, then two Cetus Sieves, to two Nexus 300's then pump to TPRs.
    Run raw unfiltered skimmer water from 2nd lg pump to your shower.

    P.S. Have you thought about linear flow pond, or "River Flow"? Where all the water enters a shallow end creating strong currents for the fish to fight then flowing down to a deep end with slower moving water. This design is claimed to be great for growing lg Koi.
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