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Thread: Planning new pond need advice

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    Planning new pond need advice

    O.K. first I am building a pleasure pond no chance of keeping show koi just trying to build a good home ,for nice koi
    main body of pond is set at 7x13x4 1/2 deep the rest of the pond is another 10x11x2' for a total of around 4300 gallon 4700 w/filter system

    B.D. in each section to a 100 gallon sediment tank w/3000 GPH pump pumping to 300 gallon skippy Bio filter

    skimmer with basket and brushes and a 2500 GPH feeding back into pond

    is this enough filtration to keep the pond clean and safe for the koi (remeber) not growing koi for shows just personal pleasure or do I need another bio filter after skimmer

    and 2 airstones for more oxygen

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    Crooked River Ranch, OR.
    Your 100 gallon settlement tank is not big enough for 3000 gph. Not enough dwell time to allow the heavier than water solids settle out. Generly we like 10%, or 300 gallons settlement for 3000 gph flow.

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    Jun 2008
    Thank you thats the type of thing I need to know! before i find out the the $$ way.

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