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Thread: Pond Plumbing

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    Smile Pond Plumbing

    Does anyone Know of a web site that shows in detail how to install the plumbing for skimmers,bottom drains, pumps and waterfalls . I have an idea but I'm wondering if I went by the book I would have less 90' s and 45's bends so that there's less water restriction. I'm using 4 inch bottom drain and 2" pipe from skimmer and to the pump and waterfall . I've seen pictures in magazines but not detailed pictures.

    Thanks for all your help I really enjoy reading all the different articles in this forum.

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    Crooked River Ranch, OR.
    I can't think of any site that does that. Always use long sweep 90s, that will do wonders for reducing line loss. Can you list your plans or filtration items, maybe we can help you here.

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    It really all depends on your layout. Give us some specs and we'd be glad to help.

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