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Thread: need complete advice on NEW POND

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    Maybe this will give you some ideas.
    New Small Pond
    I just dry stacked blocks then filled the cells with concrete. One 3" BD going to a 100 gallon well mate tank for settlement, the 2500 gph pump to a sand/gravel filter then to waterfall. I would also include a small skimmer in your system. Bead filters are nice but you can build most of everything your self for much less.

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    It's a DIY bakki.

    I bought 1" bioballs off eBay and put them in the gray crates you saw stacked on top of a 150 gallon stock tank. Here's a link to building the crates.


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    is this the best way to get "superb water quality" i read that pdf and are very interested in one. maybe a simpler one, but none the less i want one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meg View Post

    I've never seen that Meg! Probably one of the simplest, easy to understand instructions/guidelines I've read. Oh... and I'm wayyyyy over filtered (or under koi'd) for my system. No wonder my K1 looks almost as clean as the day I bought it...


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