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Thread: Evolving a sub-standard filtration design

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    Quote Originally Posted by kent wallace View Post
    You could use a Static Suction Pre-filter between the retro drain and external pump. They are designed as a retro option. It installs between the retro drain pump.
    Kent -

    Interesting, I know nothing about this. More info? Who makes this, your company?

    This would be an alternative to a sealed sieve, yes? Pump behind this prefilter, pulling into it through a retro drain, then output to bead filter then to pond?

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    With an SSP before the pump and then to a bead filter the bead filter backflush schedule extends way out making it much more effective. The Pre-filter gets backflushed once a week.

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    Three more requests for help

    Refresher since I haven't posted to this thread in a couple weeks. I'm building the filtration circuit for my ~2700 gallon pond.

    I've got an existing skimmer circuit (savio skimmer with submersible solids pump inside, pushing to waterfall).

    I'm adding a second true filtration circuit. I am going with a pressurized solution, here are the components I've chosen.

    1. Aqua-art retro drain (pond is gunite w/o bottom drain)
    2. Fluid-art Vortex Solids Separator
    3. Wunderflo 1/3 HP pump on suction side of SS
    4. AlphaOne 2.5 bead filter

    Here are my three additional requests for feedback:

    1. I have UV in my savio skimmer, 26W. I am thinking about adding to the UV capability, I can either purchase a higher wattage UV for the Savio or add UV in my new filtration circuit. In-skimmer UV would be cheaper. Any reason not to just upgrade the UV capabilities w/in the skimmer?

    2. The retro drain: the FluidArt SS has a 2" suction side input. Is there any reason to go with tubing from the bottom drain that's wider than this and then reduce it at the SS? It doesn't seem like it, to me ...

    3. The retro drain ... should I aerate it? In principal I know the answer to this question is yes or can't hurt . What I'm not sure about is whether or not it will really make a difference in my retro setup. My bottom drain will be relatively close to the waterfall, which is nearly 2 feet above the surface of the water and provides quite a current ... so I am not sure if aerating will produce the water column it needs to be effective.

    Thanks in advance for opinions.
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