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Thread: Ugly pond Liner/ Too much air ?

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    Ugly pond Liner/ Too much air ?

    First I want to Thank everyone for all there ideas on what I was doing wrong. Bill was right I did not have the water level up high enough for the pump to start sucking. It's all working great now. I did however make a mistake installing the Skimmer I had thought I measured the water level at its peak but I screwed up. So here is my problem it's not the end of the world but it's some what of an eye sore. I have exposed black liner beneath the edge of the stepping stones about 4-6 inches . I built my pond with out any ledge so that egrets or any other predator can't wet there feet and feast. So does anyone have ideas I can't redo the height of my skimmer since the liner only has play to lower the skimmer not make it higher. One more question I have a BD with a 40 air pump I think its a little strong it moves the water like a whirlpool is that how it should be or is there a way to reduce the amount of air bubbles. When I first power on the air pump it has tiny bubbles which look cool but after 2 seconds it turns into a whirpool. I'm afraid it will make the koi's sea sick once I add them .

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    Place the air pump on a timer so it only runs part of the time.

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    Bleed off the excess air. One the manifolds that comes with the pumps should work just fine for that. If not, use a very small T fitting and ball valve to bleed off the extra air.

    Short of knocking the fish outta the pond...you will not provide too much air or current for koi.....after all they are riverine carp. They come from a long line of fish that come rivers in western Asia with strong currents.

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