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Thread: Filter tank division %'s

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    Cool Filter tank division %'s

    Greetings from Thailand! I'm in the process of building a Japanese garden with what you would call a hybrid pond in which I hope to be able to keep a few koi. The pond will be reinforced concrete, roughly 13,000 gallons, and has a 6" bottom drain to a filter tank of 600 gallons. The pond has no rocks or gravel on the bottom, but there are some boulders around the outside.

    I assume I need to divide the filter tank into a settling tank, a mechanical filter tank and a biological filter tank. Does anybody have any suggestions about what percentages to devote to each function? It will be gravity-fed with the return going to a waterfall, or maybe two pumps with one going to the waterfall and one just returning to the far side of the pond so I can turn off the waterfall to save energy. I haven't figured out what to do about a skimmer yet. I can buy swimming-pool skimmers here, or make something of my own, or can I get by without one? (ducking...) There will be trees around the pond, although there's nothing there now.

    Knowledge and components are hard to come by here, but I've can buy propeller-type pumps of 20,000-45,000 liters per hour (5300 - 12,000 GPH), fiber matting (like you might find inside pillows) for the mechanical filter, and little molded plastic spheres with lots of void area for the biological filter. I have skilled workers that earn less than $12 per day, so I can fabricate just about anything I need, but buying readymade stuff is pretty much impossible unless it's also used for swimming pools. I can design anything necessary (mechanical, electronic, electrical, architectural), even designed the house I'm living in...

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

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    would suggest you run definitely install two skimmers in corners of one short end of the pond. Route their outputs to pumps and bakki showers at the opposite ends of the pond. The current from showers across the surface to the skimmers should keep the suface clean. Just use pool skimmers...black ones will probably look better that white ones.

    Since you did not describe the share of the 600 gallon chamber, I assume it is a long rectangular box. I hope it has at least one drain valve to dump it. Look at pictures of fiberglass traditional filters made in the UK. They are often a series of chambers that feed the next chamber alternatively from the top and then the bottom. The media can be Japanese matting, bio balls, lava rock....etc. At the exit of the first chamber I would put is some course matting (such as black Matala) to help settle out debris. Ideally the bottom drain would go to a vortex first, then the series of filter chambers.
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