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  1. No ZNA

    I don't think I cuold do it in Nov, may be Chinese New Year my friend, May be.
  2. My Friend!!!

    Can I stay with you then, gotta save some $$ on that hotel cus I have already spent everything on the fishes

  3. Pics and Vids

    If I look at the Vids and the pics I will pick totally different fish

    :D:D Lam what's the deal why Plp keep withdrawn from the GO. I think it's a very good deal compare to JP Part I for sale at...
  4. Can you send mine too???

    Can you send mine too my FRIEND?:D:D:D
  5. "num"

    Lam!!! Even if I "NUM" I don't think it will make any different if somehow I become # 25th on the draft. There are some serious Koi Kichis in this forum Man...somehow I am confident that I will win...
  6. I change my mind

    Lam!!! I change my mind I think I am gonna pick #53 or #59. I don't know man... there are too many to pick. You're confusing me Lam. Are you really not support to tell people your No.?
  7. nguyendacbiet picks

    Lam!!! Man, I am mess up, now everybody knows my No.1 choice. Can we start it over? or I should wait for the next GO. On the other hand, my gut's telling me I will be lucky on the draft cuz I am...
  8. Lam I got my pick

    I like #12. Can I get it now,:D:D Lam
  9. Same fish

    #11 and #12 are the same fish
  10. Another One?

    Nope my friend....I DO NOT wan to sleep next to my pond...It's still cold over here and thank you for reserving #37. It male but I like it...May be I can get some SUPER Sankes off spring and you can...
  11. Same fish

    #3 and #4
    #38 and #39 are the same fishes I think....:confused:
  12. Kohaku

    #67 and #68 are the same fish
  13. I did the same thing. what better to water your...

    I did the same thing. what better to water your garden and flowers with nitrogen rich.....thing :)
  14. Picking the GO


    I have a question I want to ask you. are we picking 25 GO out of 80 or only 25 GO to pick?
  15. Jackpot

    I think I will HIT the jackpot when you roll that Bingo ball :D
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