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  1. Stump

    :) Hello Everyone,

    Richard Rombold,
    Russell Watergardens does not have a publication. You must be refereing to Aquascape's "Lifestyle" magazine. Russell Watergardens is in no way associated or...
  2. Thanks Peter

    :D Thanks Peter.

    I plan on having a booth at the ZNA koi show in March if I can swing it in our spring schedule. Either way, I will be in SoCal multiple times next year and I'd love to get...
  3. Thank you everyone

    :) Hello everyone.

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts and comments. Auntiesue is right on target.....thinking of ways to improve something is the right way to go about things. Simply wishing...
  4. Thank Bill

    :) Thanks for the reply Bill.

    Yes, we are cutting into ADI's market like no other company ever has. More and more of their top contractors and dealers are switching to Russell Watergardens every...
  5. Common ground

    :) Hello all,

    Thank you for the link to the IPPCA forum. As we can all see from reading the posts here on this forum, and then reading the posts on the other forum that there are many differences...
  6. Mr. Kodama knows there are multiple types of ponds

    :) Hello Don,

    Thanks for keeping this thread in the forefront.

    Yes, Mr. Kodama knows the differences between a rock-&-gravel Hybrid pond and a non-rock-&-gravel koi pond. So do I for that...
  7. email

    :D Hi Nancy,

    My email address is [email protected]

    Last time I was in that area I played Trump International Golf Course on the coast above Long Beach. I'll have to give myself a...
  8. Count me in

    :) Hello Nancy,

    Count me in! I'll be there. I would absolutey LOVE to meet all of you. You guys can "whip me into shape"! Any kind of dinner party planned? Is there a pond tour? If not, can we...
  9. #2 catagory

    :) Hello Steve,

    You are definately in the #2 catagory. You are a delight to chat with and share ideas and information with. I'm looking forward to more discussions with you and meeting you in...
  10. Thank you everyone

    :) Hello Everyone,

    I'll take you all up on your offers to show me your ponds. I travel extensively all over the country - and see water features of all types from corporate waterfalls to all...
  11. See for yourself

    :) Hello Mike and everyone,

    I don't expect you to believe a word I say. As the saying goes "The proof is in the pudding". That's why our Flagship store, as well as all future stores feature real...
  12. Good salesman?

    ;) Hello all,

    Thank you for the salesman compliment - but I can asure you, I didn't earn your compliment here. I did not create any of these threads. I did not bring any of these...
  13. Advertising and other answers.

    Hello Brian,

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am interested in sponsoring this site - please contact me with the details.

    The rest of you. I'm not RECOMMENDING a hybrid pond, water garden...
  14. Don

    :) Hello Don,

    You are obvioulsy hostal towards me for some reason - even though you don't know me, and you know even less about my business.

    You are mistanken to lump any pond with a rock in...
  15. More answers

    :) Hello all,

    I'm going to give you the complete history of Russell Watergardens that will answer all your questions - this make take a while.

    I started in the late 80's in the landscape...
  16. Thanks everyone

    :) Thanks for the comments everyone.

    jnorth, we never charge for in-store consultations of any type. We do charge for "house-calls". Thanks for the link on Trickle Towers - I'll look into it...
  17. Aquatic plants

    :) Hello Jbolding,

    You misquoted me - I didn't say that aquatic plants are "recommended". I said that if you choose to have aquatic plants - for what ever reason, its your personal choice - that...
  18. Not "compromising"

    :) Hello again everyone,

    Whew! Where do I start - you're a bunch of Hyenas and I'm raw meat.

    First of all, thank you all for your passionate comments. Let me try to address them.

  19. Don, Yes, I have answered your questions

    :) Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all the passionate comments. First of all, Don. I have answered your questions on the other thread - but in case you didn't read it....here it is cut and pasted from...
  20. Commission sales.

    :) Hello Mickey,

    Russell Watergardens does not pay its employees by commission - and we don't sell just one type of pond system or format.

    As we progress with our National Instore Training...
  21. You are right!

    :) Hello D,

    You are absolutely right. Some people maintain their pond - many don't. This includes all types of ponds and all types of pond owners. There are many businesses around the country...
  22. Answers to Don's questions

    :) Hello Don,

    Thank you for the questions. Here are my answers.

    Yes, Mr. Russell . . .
    please address the following points which we, as evolved koi keepers, would consider absolute minimums...
  23. Koi pond photos

    :) Hello Cheryl,

    Thanks for the questions. As I stated in an earlier post - we have moved our Flagship store and completely demolished everything - including our lake - at our old place. The new...
  24. Steve, you are SO RIGHT!

    :) Hello Steve,

    You are SO RIGHT! Finally someone understands where I'm coming from! Thank you!

    The people on this forum are a wealth of information and experience - this is why it is so...
  25. Fluffing the gravel

    :) Hello D,
    Thanks for the question about "fluffing" gravel. First off, I'm not talking about "fluffing" gravel that has been sitting in a pond for a year building up muck and debris. That is a...
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