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    New Plan How about line the 60'x80'x5' pond...

    New Plan

    How about line the 60'x80'x5' pond with 20 mil, then add 1' of mud....

    or break the 60x80 into 15'x40' and line it.. then add 1' of mud...

    or... non of you like the liner with mud...
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    More help

    The purpose of the liner is to slow down the water drainage, not to hold the water. I was planning to burry the 6mill 1 or 2' below the mud. The plastic will not be taped or glued together, just...
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    Spring fed mudpond with liner

    Right now I have access to a rice field, it's spring fed but the mud/clay drains and dries up the water quickly. Thus, the rice field only holds about 1' of water. What if I dig up the rice field...
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