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  1. All good questions. First, it's an artesian...

    All good questions. First, it's an artesian well-fed pond, so water temp and quality 'characteristics', whatever they might be in terms of hardness, PH, etc., are constant. The pond has been in...
  2. 'Thank you' to all the above folks for taking the...

    'Thank you' to all the above folks for taking the time to comment on this project I'm considering. This is precisely the kind of feedback I'm looking for. I'd like to think we could pick out a few...
  3. Some Thoughts, Please, On A Mud-Pond Opportunity

    I'd like to get some input from some of the mud-ponders on this forum, if I could please, regarding an intriguing opportunity I've been presented. Here's the scenario:

    A friend has an artesian...
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