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Thread: Culling Showa Fry

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    Culling Showa Fry

    I have read much about culling showa fry at a couple of days old and only keeping the black fry. I am wondering what the light color fry would develop into?


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    Rick, the yellow fry will come out looking a little like sanke.
    Sometimes reasonable modern showa can be found amungst them.
    If you were to ask me if it is worth raising them, I'd say, it depends on the mud pond space you have. You will not get any traditional looking showa, but some pretty koi can be found.

    I've raised them in the past, but not any longer.

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    Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for the answer. This will be my first attempt at breeding koi and my aim is to produce a few good quality fish. I am fortunate enough to have 3 acres to play around with but I'm not interested in wasting time and space producing mass quantities of pond quality koi. IMO my best male is a showa and my best female is a sanke. Would such a cross be worth trying? If so I suppose the first major cull wouldn't be until around 6 weeks when the colors are showing? Thanks again for your advice.


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    Hi Rick, If you crossed the two what would you cull for? Sanke or Showa. Showa could be done the first three days, sanke your closer to 40!

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