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Thread: 7.0 earthquake in southern japan

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    7.0 earthquake in southern japan

    My local news didn't say much else...what is shakin'? Are they sensationalizing it/

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    Didn't feel anything here, but there was a flash on the news. I'll keep my ears open for more news, but have to dash out the door right now.
    Brian Sousa
    Koi-Bito Forum

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    It's amazing with my non koi friends who will call or email as soon as they hear anything about Japan in the news! Was grateful to hear no todal wave, few deaths! Makes you realize every day is a gift!

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    According to the International Herald Tribune said, "7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of southern Japan yesterday, killing an elderly woman and injuring at least 250 people, damaging buildings and leaving residents shaken by aftershocks. Luckily, no tsunami warning happened.

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    There have been too many natural disasters in recent months. I'm glad this one isn't much of one.

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