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Thread: Air Pump

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    Air Pump

    Hi everyone,

    Do you need the diaphram set? Please see the link below:


    Thanks for the information


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    They say you should replace the diaphram after some amount of use -- usually a year.

    I dunno if that is true, but in high ozone areas (air polution) the rubber will break down quicker and the pump will be less effective.

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    I have my Alita for almost 4 years now with no slow down on the air flow...then again my pond isn't deep. I guess under higher preassure applications the diaphram should be replaced every 1 or so...

    Fancy Koi Outlet also has the Alita 80L for $280 something...really cheap...

    Note: This ain't a sales pitch, but if there are deals to be found I suggest people post them. This hobby is expensive as it is, so any savings should be passed to each and all.
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    Thanks Jason and aquitari for the information.


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