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  1. Japan, home of a new hobby?
  2. KoiQuestion wishes you all a very merry X-mas and a happy 2013
  3. Hey Gun Idiots!!! time to wake up!!!
  4. The Obaminator has defeated the Romneybot!!!
  5. Catfishing
  6. Canadian white house retreat
  7. A video for other nature lovers and river rats,...
  8. Must be true
  9. The truth about Benghazi
  10. For the left, the 50% mark....
  11. The 4th Debate
  12. News flash...Biden crushes ryan!!!
  13. Does anyone know why Barack and michelle Obama gave up their Ill law licenses?
  14. private property and progressive democrats
  15. Hey JR, I am calling you out buddy!!
  16. a puase from political banter
  17. shockingly good unemployment numbers
  18. The 1st Debate
  19. our hobby is like a beautiful mountain
  20. we get exactly the leaders we deserve
  21. A little history about our attorney general
  22. we need a new president to take us out of Obama's war
  23. did Clinton just get Mitt Romeny elected president??
  24. Some realities we 'humans' are often forbidden and afraid to talk about,...
  25. the socialist and the bureaucrat, and unholy alliance
  26. Well...Stick a fork in him, Romney is done!!!
  27. JR builds a stream
  28. Is Obama encouraging more terrorists?
  29. Shikishi boards
  30. Moonshine,...
  31. I wonder who installed this aquarium?
  32. How is Romney going to be any better than Bush?
  33. will work for food
  34. Anybody live in Japan or going there soon, with automotive connections????
  35. JR, the 'original' occupy wall street type??
  36. brave new aquarium frontier
  37. Ask Peter Waddington your KoiQuestion
  38. JR goes on a diet
  39. Hey JR...found my reef hunt, Finally!!!
  40. Thieving bastards...
  41. Obamacare verdict
  42. regarding 'my' new camera--
  43. part of my alcove display
  44. The Prada of aquariums
  45. A vote for bigger government is looming
  46. groaner joke, but joke nonetheless
  47. how on earth can Obama figure a way to get re-elected??
  48. New longfin carp fancier's society
  49. what is the most expensive fish species in the world?
  50. Sisters