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  1. olde rinkos for sale
  2. Tilapia Tastes Good
  3. Tilapia Tastes Good
  4. Gegyo design (japanese gable pendant)
  5. Carp spawning..koi wild cousins getting busy..
  6. Happy Easter!
  7. Politics LOL, but science OMG!
  8. Want to see how disgusting the republicans have become? Just take a look!!
  9. JR would have liked these.
  10. Obamacare
  11. happy thanksgiving!
  12. my wrist
  13. Shutdown- Better Late than Later
  14. All European Shinkokai 2013 vat 21-40
  15. All European Shinkokai 2013 - Bonsai
  16. An Open letter to UPS
  17. Hey bomb idiots!!!! Time to wake up!!!!
  18. an unexpected act of love
  19. Republicans are just so damn stupid!!!
  20. Especially for Larry
  21. What are you doing to undo white privilege?
  22. Morality of Capitalism debate:
  23. Koi books
  24. Pope Francis
  25. JR contracts for a new system
  26. Koi for charity
  27. rare books on koi
  28. extremely LARGE koi pin collection
  29. Obama grounds the Blue Angels
  30. Calling JR, for your thoughts in a Keysian opinion piece...
  31. fish geeks and lovers of Asian folklore
  32. Keystone pipe line
  33. New rules for Canadian drivers
  34. understanding ages of skin and its place in show decisions
  35. Japan, home of a new hobby?
  36. KoiQuestion wishes you all a very merry X-mas and a happy 2013
  37. Hey Gun Idiots!!! time to wake up!!!
  38. The Obaminator has defeated the Romneybot!!!
  39. Catfishing
  40. Canadian white house retreat
  41. A video for other nature lovers and river rats,...
  42. Must be true
  43. The truth about Benghazi
  44. For the left, the 50% mark....
  45. The 4th Debate
  46. News flash...Biden crushes ryan!!!
  47. Does anyone know why Barack and michelle Obama gave up their Ill law licenses?
  48. private property and progressive democrats
  49. Hey JR, I am calling you out buddy!!
  50. a puase from political banter