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Thread: Greetings

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    My name is Paul, 41 years old, married, 2 kids (Becky 12 and Jake 10). I built a pond last year, around the end of the summer. I am what you would call a dime store ponder. At least when I compare myself to the folks on this site. There will eventually be koi in the pond, but none of these hundreds to thousand dollar animals and my equipment is cheap. So, I probably won't add much to the site but I'll be using your expertise to learn. I also have a 50gal FW tank and a 50gal 50gal sump mini reef tank.

    I got this link from our local newspaper, the Detroit Free Press. They did a little article on one of your members from Kentucky. Name escapes me though.

    So here I am. And here is my pond (still not done though). I still need to landscape it and I am not sold on my waterfall yet. I stuck some feeders in there last year and 7 made it through the winter.

    Construction starts (cheap labor)

    Getting there

    Yes, I actually did some of the digging

    Hampered by rain from time to time

    Dino was supervising

    Testing a waterfall pattern and starting the padding

    Putting the liner in. What a pain. Hot as heck too.

    Testing the water

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    Welcome Paul. Bito is a great site to learn from but do not get discouraged if some answers seem a bit rough. We have all been at the stage you are at and learned from many on this site. Your water garden looks very nice but will be best suited for goldfish. I know koi start out little but they grow rapidly and with that growth there is more waste which then needs more filtration and more water for the fish. We do love pictures so keep us posted and do not hesitate to ask questions. Happy pondering!

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    Jun 2009
    Thanks. I do see some "interesting" threads here. I am browsing through the locked "meeting minutes" one now. I'll do my best not to get on the wrong side of anyone. Kinda like standing in line to get soup from the soup nazi, lol. I assume you probably have seen that Seinfeld episode.

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