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Thread: Hello from Canada

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    Markham, Ontario, Canada

    Hello from Canada

    I have been keeping kois for the last 4 years. Happily, I had to rebuild my pond from a 750 gal to 4300 gal. Filtration system adds another 400 gallons. I have a 15" bottom drain, gravity fed to 2 inline 36" vortex. This then leads to 2 x 55gal drums with bio balls and mats. A Dolphin 3200 pump returning to pond. I have a HiBow air pump on a 7' round airstone. This new setup will be expanded with a bead filter in the spring.
    Hopefully, I would like to add some good quality kois in the spring.
    Perry - Hoop130.
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    Hi just joined the forum, thinking about building a pond not sure if I want a inground or above ground, if above ground i would want a window is that possible with algae build up ???

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