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Thread: hello newbie here

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    Tosai hyon's Avatar
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    Aug 2013

    Red face hello newbie here

    hi im new to the koi hobby. its been 6 months since i started koi keeping.
    sure really need some help in the mere future and hoping to learn alot from you guys

    btw im from PH

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    Tosai uhmyearightok's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    New Jersey
    Hey there hyon! Welcome to the hobby (and the board)! I'm new to the forum as well.

    Forgive my ignorance, but does PH stand for the Philippines?

    I'm assuming you built a new Koi pond and completed it this past spring in time for the Koi "season" (although I guess it doesn't really get cold where you are anyway). How large did you make it? Depth? Tell us more about your Koi pond.

    What varieties have you added so far?

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    Tosai hyon's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    yes PH stands for Philippines, and thanks for the warm welcome mate
    and yes its a good thing we dont have winter season here coz they say its very hard to grow koi during winter ..

    yes i just built a pond, a starter pond couse i dont know that much in the koi hobby yet. its length is 5x3 Ft. and it has a depth of 2.5ft
    as for now im having trouble on how to have a good filteration system since it will cost me alot because its very expensive if i buy it here in Ph.

    i have 5 koi's as of the moment, a Kohaku - Tancho Showa - Shiro Utsuri - Hi Utsuri and a Lemon Hariwake all five of them are still 9inches
    could rally use some pointers and how to do guides on how to grow them faster

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