Hi all!

I apologize for my lack of manners as I do know better, I just didn't see the section. I actually joined up a week ago and have already have been posting and benefiting from the wealth of knowledge here.

My name is Dave and I am in the far north/northwest burbs of Chicago (kind of close to Great America if you know the region). I am currently working with my second pond and its inhabitants. It is a custom pond about 1200 gal with a stream and waterfall at opposite ends and definitely falls into the water garden category...just don't tell my koi or they may feel like they are in the low rent district and get an attitude. My koi are ebay buys from Gardenspotkoi and they were never intended to be show quality. Much like my dogs that are all rescues there was a bit of "pick the motley one" going on with a few (the wife insisted). I lost one to...I don't know, it just disappeared. I am guessing some predator got it but thankfully it never came back for more. The types, per the seller are (one of each):

Ginrin Platinum
Kohaku Butterfly
Kikusui - RIP
Silver Kikokuryu
Gin Matsuba Butterfly
Yamabuki Butterfly
Yamato Nishiki Butterfly

The pond went live in July '06 (the location previously had a 160 gal preform for 4 years that I put in) and they did spawn for the first time this year resulting in four new motley additions. I'll get pics of the school when I bring them in within the next month and you all can tell me who you think the lucky parents are.

So that's me. Thanks for being here and I look forward to conversing and learning with you all.