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    Sorry, newbie question: When using this Kaldness setup, during flushing/cleaning of Kaldness, due to the location of the slotted pipe, does any of the dirty water get washed back into the pond? Or is there an isolation valve between the vortex and the pond?

    If I'm thinking of using 40" vortex for heavy solids, then secondary vortex with kaldness media setup, where does the water from the kaldness media get pumped from? The cleaner top water? I see the slotted pipe more towards the bottom of the kaldness media, should this be located as high as possible in the secondary vortex chamber? Also, it looks like to minimize the amount of water for cleaning I will have to include a isolation valve between the primary and secondary vortexes...Hmmmm...Back to the drawing board.


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      if you read the post Akai-San you will see that he drops the water level below the slots on the pipe befoe appling the air.
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        I gave you system a try but have had a few troubles.
        Here is a link to the details.
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          Scott, my design for outdoor use incorporates a grid under the media, but above the inlet water, thus keeping larger waste away from the media. The Eazy uses a full basket, which is even better. Your washing machine drum is just the job.

          Over the last two weeks I have been commissioning 4 new showered ponds, with skimmer systems fed to static Kaldnes. To see the results is a real eye opener to the effectiveness of static Kaldnes used this way. Each of the concrete ponds has been filled from the same mud pond, the water is grey/brown (constantly stirred by grubbing koi in the clay), visability in this water is zero, with in a week and a half the bottom drain has become visable at 5' depth! Yet no visable particals can be seen in this water, it's just cloudy.

          I still have one pond which has yet to get the static Kaldnes running (just wish I had a camera to show the difference).
          PS my mate Mike Yume could come down with his camera tomorrow evening, if he is reading this, 5 or 6 oclock would be good, then we can go onto my unit to see how Ian's sanke is doing!!


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            Hey Maurice,
            Thanks for the complement
            I didn't see the grid in the pictures but I cab see where this would have helped. The other worry I had was about the outer edges or the Kaldness getting too little flow and possibly becoming anaeobic. With a basket/drum setup it tens to spread the flow over a greater surface area as well as improving circulation. This method would seen to put a greater flow through a smaller amount of Kaldness as well.

            Inany case the system seems to be working great. Water look very clear at this pointand the money I am saving on power doesn't hurt either!

            I'd me interested to see any pictures you can get Mikey to take of the new ponds. Always interesting!

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              Scott, I have spent hours gazing at the water flow in these units, even at the outer edges, you can see the water heading for the center outlet.

              No part of this system is, or can go anaerobic.

              Mike did not see the message! As usual he arrived late, but only an hour or so!!



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                looking forward to any pics you can post for us maurice!
                Dick Benbow


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                  I've dug up an old camera and taken some photos. But have to wait for a new card reader to arrive, as the old one was in the laptop case when it was stolen.



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                    Cant wait to see em Maurice and glad to see its all getting back to normal...thats if there is such a thing as ''normal''




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                      What type of grid did you use under the media maurice,will perforated sheet do the job,i gave the static a bash and ended up with pea soup in the pond.

                      Was trying to pull 3 g thru 50 litres of k1 in a 3 ft vortex and feel it was just mashing the big crap but a sheet below it would definatly sort this, keeping the heavies out.I to didnt spy the sheet below the k1 on your website.
                      Thanks Paul.


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                        I needed static K baskets for two different applications and stopped alongside the road in Kailua to check out a washing machine someone had put out for the bulky rubbish collection (as per B.Scott's approach). The drum was slightly too large for one application and too small for the other application. The sign at the local dump says "no scavenging", but they will usually turn a blind eye for a few bucks. However, it seems the drums in all the washing machines there were the same in-between size.

                        I ended up making baskets out of heavy 1-1/4 inch plastic mesh. This stuff:
                        This basket was lined with small 1/8 inch plastic mesh. The heavy stuff provides strength and rigidity while the small mesh contains the media.

                        Have you guys noticed how quickly the cost of plastic materials increases as the cost of a barrel of oil increases? You would think there would be a longer lag time.

                        The static K works as advertised and I'm very pleased. Thanks Maurice.

                        -steve hopkins


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                          Steve the way you did it is what I originally had in mind. Trouble is i can't get that plastic mesh here in Holland. I've seen it in the UK but not on the mainland. I was also planning on taking an old stainless kitchen countertop and cutting it into strips/bands with which to reinforce the plastice mesh. I could put it all together with some small bolts or stainless pop-rivets. In that case I would have made it all a tad larger than it is now. But all in all I can't say I'm unhappy with the results. Every time I was the basket out i am quite please with the amount of crud it releases.
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                            can i suggest you guys try setting this system up so you dont have to do so much work or even be there when you drop out your bead water.
                            take a timer if you are running a pump into this system; have it run for all but 2 minutes of the day. now while that pump has its power shut down by the timer itll stop ok.
                            buy one of those emergency power relays and stick it inline to your pump power supply so that it will trip another power source to come on as your pump shuts down for the two minutes.
                            this will then make two things happen- if it is hooked to two things.
                            your earator to clean your media will turn on and if you run a solenoid type valve as a tap on the bottom of your cone it will open up thereby releasing all the shit in the bottom of your swirl cone at the same time, by the time it has all dropped out your beads will be clean..
                            within 2 minutes your tank will be empty and then your system cleared out and ready for the pump to come back on, your earator will then turn off and your solenoid valve will shut off closed.
                            in time off a blackout your tank would remain open but your main pump off anyway so your fish will not run out of water in the main tank..

                            if you gravity drain then all you need is a rise up with a stand pipe first if your using things like this so that your main tank wont drain dry,

                            you can also run a dc system on the aireator and the solenoid if preffered.
                            this is a technique/system that in case of a blackout a solar power battery earator or an O2 bottle can also be triggered for the main pond.

                            i imagine if you, maurice are able to go away to ningaloo reef, you either have something like that on his heavliy stocked tanks or a auto starting backup generator system./


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                              Do you have any pics of this or a diagram?

                              I'd love to add a self cleaning system to mine.
                              The views expressed above are my own personal views and, as such, do not necessarily reflect the views of the AKCA or the KHA program.


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                                here is a pic of the solenoid, they come in two types, they work by magnets and you want one that is closed until power is added.
                                this is a 24 volt one that runs off a standard 24 v garden timer.
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