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    Well, I've been on a mission to learn as much as I can about this intriqueing method of producing quality water. some of you i have written direct to get your first hand experience and you have been gracious to share.

    some of you i haven't heard that you have the system so i'd like to have you share on everything you learned from installing to operating to fine tuning! thank-you in advance. our distributor in the USA is expected to get his shipment of trays and media in around the first of the year so would like to be mentally prepared!
    Dick Benbow
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    Apologies Dick,

    I have your mail but haven't got around to responding in full yet.

    There is a load of stuff on Mike Snadens site

    I have a set of Mike's stainless units to go onto my system in place of some temporary plastic box units which i had set up.

    I'll respond to your mail later.

    Mark Gardner


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      thanks Mark! will look forward to it. especially interested in your box set

      up and what you learned. i have a feeling because of $$$ constrains,I'll

      start with makeshift box and real media and then eventually graduate up to real deal.
      Dick Benbow


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        does any body know where you can order bacteria house media in the U.S. and how do they sell it? by the litre or cu. ft. ? I allready have some good plastic trays that will work, cant afford the stainless steel stuff just yet but I want to give it a try. any info is appreciated.



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          Dick, I know you should have this photo on file, but I'll post it here for others to view.

          This Bakki Shower set is sold by a very dubious dealer in the UK, a fat old man called Micky Snidden or something like that. He trades under the name of Yume Koi,

          I must say all is going very sweetly with the system. I?m a bit hissed off, as I was hoping to bottle the bubbles, but I don?t seem to have enough



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            He's a very nice man who sells these shower sets, bacteria house media and koi at very realistic prices.

            Thank you Mike.

            You and Elisa have a merry Christmas, if I don't see you before,

            Lots of love,



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              Maurice - geat photo of your Baaki shower. Question - how many trays does one use for the gallons in one's pond? As an example a 5000 gallon pond would need how many stainless steel trays? Thanks!


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                Hi Ed:

                Carl Forss over at Keirin Koi is the exclusive imported for the US of Momotaro stuff. You can find him at . From what I understand the bakki shower material should be coming in January. Let us know how things work out.

                Jeff R.


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                  Thanks Maurice. You have a happy Christmas too! Elisa says lots of love ;-)

                  I have just done yet another update to my Bakki Shower page, and will soon be posting FAQ's, and guidelines for installation and use of the Showers, and media. There are now around 35 to 38ish sets of Bakki Showers running in the UK, and every single user is happy with the results. Many of these people started with a 'mock-up' and then upgraded to the real thing. Keirin Koi's showers and media are en-route as we speak, and I believe that Carl will be visiting the UK in the next couple of weeks, for a pond tour to see for himself how well these systems are working.

                  Best regards,



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                    In regard to the Bakki showers and Bacteria House media -

                    To those who know the system...

                    Please, tell me....can the system work as good if it is plumbed so that the return water which showers down from above is captured into a settling pool and from that retension pond, be (next) pumped back-up through a water fall...or, through a return pipe system back into the pond?

                    Or, does this filtration system and media (to be most effective) demand that the water come down out of the showers and immediately drop and flood directly back into the pond; as shown from the above photo?

                    As seen from all other photos previously seen using this same system..

                    It is my belief that for a commercial environment, this system might be ideal. However, for residential use, I feel - it is not very attractive if left out in the open, as herein shown...

                    Therefore, I want to know if there are alternative methods of returning the then filtered water without losing any of the effectiveness of the system or of the Bacteria House media...


                    Cayman Islands


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                      maurice, follow up to photo

                      Poor Mike, he never gets' any respect, he's like the rodney dangerfield of the UK!

                      Maurice, at the very end of the gray feed pipe, what is that? it appears to be a slide valve. I see the ball valve for flow control, but is the gate valve so you can add additional units off ther same pump?

                      thanks for posting the pic!
                      Dick Benbow


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                        Lee: Better watch out. I got jumped on when I raised the aesthetics issue a few months back! Don't you know that all that counts is the fish?

                        I have no knowledge from experience, but I see no reason why your suggestion would not work just fine, so long as the means of return from the showers to the pond does not cause a loss of the high oxygen levels in some way. Somebody more knowledgeable on dissolved oxygen characteristics needs to jump in here. [Some may think my concern silly, but I do believe the oxygenation effect is one of the major benefits of the system. ]

                        My thought has been to have the showers at the head of a stream, so the showers could be hidden by shrubbery and the water tumble over some stones before entering the pond ... maybe a series of little falls?

                        I've also been concerned about not disturbing the neighbors with the sound of torrential showers 24/7. I had one complain about a tiny fall on my pond once ... of course, their 2d floor bedroom does overlook my pond. I can understand that at 2am it could be a problem on those nights when air conditioning is not needed. (That's not very often around here... almost always too humid to be without.) Using a stream would allow the showers to be distanced a bit without having as much enclosure in pipes or the pressure of a pump. But since you are thinking of piping to a waterfall, seems to me that would counteract any negatives of pressurized piping. ... if there are any. ... How nice it would be to have several acres to play with!


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                          The slide valve is there, as I understand, to enable you to assess the back pressure caused by the spraybar, i.e. if you can open the slide valve slightly without water coming out then there is no back pressure as the pipe is not full of water.

                          Mark Gardner


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                            Aesthetics and noise

                            Yes agreed, not the most aesthetically pleasing units in the world however a little creative placement and they can be hidden, they don't have to be directly above the water surface.

                            Noise, likewise can't disagree, again creative placement/sheilding could lessen the noise.
                            Mark Gardner


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                              Dick, if I had mounted the slide valve correctly (meaning upside down) you can open it a little to see how much water is inside (Holding a pressure or not). To me this is unimportant, as long as it is giving an even flow of water over the media.

                              But the slide valve, or other means of access is important, so that if/when the need comes, there is access to run a large bottle brush or similar up through the pipe to clean any blockage of the holes.

                              When I made the spray tube, I did not make enough rows of holes and found the water 'jetted' out too fast, so I drilled two extra rows of holes and all is fine and even.

                              Lee, that sounds a top idea. If I am pleased with the showers long term, I plan on fitting many sets on my indoor 2,500 galoon pond and linking up with the big outdoor pond. Pump up from outdoors, through the showers and gravity returning through 4" pipes back to the main pond.



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