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  • SMG: Update Please!

    SMG: I've brought this grandaddy of Bakki Showers threads back to the top so you can give us a status report on your experiment. ....Pleaaaase??

    P.S. .... We need to get you internet access at your job in the wilderness. Been missing your insights.


    • i would say that you can put the filter where you like, as long as the water going in is clean of particulate matter. to me it seems like a trickle tower, water droplets in at the top over media, water and air runs over a substrate that holds bacteria. so it aerates and strips carbon dioxide - degasses.
      the bacteria convert the wastes via ammonia cycle to nitrite and nitrate, ph will usually become lower as it uses up calciums.
      if you found that the oxygen was lacking in your water because you had it splashing away somewhere hidden and not directly on the pond then you would aerate it again. thats all. it shouldnt make a difference. the thing to be rememebered is that water should be mechanically filtered of its waste particles before sending it to a biological filter or it clogs and loses its surface area for bacteria.
      im not trying to sell the things but stainless is good because nothing sticks to it as with plastics. i dont see any figures on its surface area per sq meter of the media though...i think this should be advertised.


      • one more thing, algae lives on sunlight, water and nutrient.
        water also contains carbon dioxide in various amounts, degassing removes some of this. algae love carbon dioxide for growth. so that removal of co2 can slow the growth.
        it also may be temperature of the water that discourages algae growth or light intensity.
        mainly what feeds plants after sunlight and co2 is the nitrates etc.
        this enters through feeding- food waste and by product of fish metabolism.

        in an unconverted form of ammonia, some plants can use it, though mainly they use the nitrate in large amounts which is an end product of bilogical filtration, plants and algae dont just live on ammonia,nitrite or nitrate.
        there are other things that will build up over time.
        correct me if im wrong but this biological filter would not remove nitrates!

        what removes nitrates from the system is ussually algae, floating plants or water exchange, especially in heavily loaded systems (i guess much higher than the systems you guys are talking) water exchange is used to deal with the end product.
        even though it may be less toxic to fish after sending through a bio filter it is still not wanted in the sytem in building quantities.
        you can remove it as a gas, the smelly stuff but this requires a dead chamber or expensive gear.


        • basic design should remove heavy settlables gently so not to break up into finer matter, it should remove this from the water altogether.
          still there is fine particles called suspended solids. remove it also. fine micron mesh ussually does the job well. id say go down to atleast 200 micron or smaller.
          once you do this the nutrient load is so much smaller. bacteria media is expensive and you should never clog it.


          • benifits should not be lost, marks right. if water does get to saturation level at about 8mg oxygen per litre, depending on temperature and salinity and height above sea level haha. (theres charts out there if you want to know.)
            it can only get reduced if something uses it up, not by traveling through a clean pipe.
            i think the concern is that there could be even more earation going on if it falls thru trickle and hits the stale pond water, turn up the flow rate ever so slightly will beat this concern.

            still id go so far to say that when a healthy flow of falling water hits the water in a pond directly below a trickle tower that the water below the trickle that may get disturbed up so as to make contact to the atmosphere is so close to being saturated or atleast of equal oxygen content to the water falling through the bakki that it doesnt make a slight enough difference. hmmmmmmmmm.


            • YouTube - Bakki shower-01

              looks pretty nice. could hide it somewhere though or make some sort of a waterfall feature out of it ?


              • In one of the KoiFixx DVDs from a couple of years back, Carl Forss built a great pond system near Charlotte. The pond had a wall that came out into the pond. On the top of the wall, a bakki shower stack using stainless trays.
                Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


                • sounds great!

                  is this the same Carl as in HenryC's Carl? the guy knows quality.


                  • Yep, same Carl.
                    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.


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