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Kois colour fading suddenly

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  • Kois colour fading suddenly

    Hi, all the grandmasters out there. Can anyone enlighthen me on how is it possible that Kois can lose its hi overnight? I am from Malaysia and 3 days ago I went to a Koi dealer who brought in some Sakai Kohakus, Sanke and Tancho. The next day when I went back to confrim my earlier selections, most of the Kohaku and Sanke's bright red has turned into light yellow and the miserable kois look "albino".

    Was told that the huge temperature change caused the sudden fading. Is this the case and what can be done to reverse the process.
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    It's been my experience that once Beni is gone, it won't come back. Any kind of water quality change can trigger it. The Beni was probably weak already.
    The views expressed above are my own personal views and, as such, do not necessarily reflect the views of the AKCA or the KHA program.


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      Hi kntry,

      Thanks for your reply. I went there to have a look this morning. The dealer lowered the water temp using chiller, opened up part of the covered roof to allow sunlight to come in and fed the koi with "colour feed". Not sure whether these remedies work. Will keep you posted. However, at least the fading appeared to have stabilised. Some of the same batch still have their hi bright red. Will they fade also?

      The sumi for the Sanke still intact. How come the water only affected the hi and not the sumi?


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        Color feed is not the answer. Color feed will affect the white.

        The Beni faded because it was weak to start off with. I don't know exactly what happens to cause it to fade but it never comes back. It will have faded eventually because it was a genetic fault. The water changes just made it happen faster and earlier.
        The views expressed above are my own personal views and, as such, do not necessarily reflect the views of the AKCA or the KHA program.


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          Thanks kntry for your comments. You are probably right. I called the dealer and he said colour hasn't come back.

          Anyone else had any of such experience, pl share.


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            kOI COLOR FADING

            Hi every body there, am new one in these site.
            my name is Essa from kuwait, am the first koi keeper here in kuwait, and am import my koi from Ogata Koi Farm.
            I want to say my opinion about the color fade.
            first my pond have a temp. of about 30 C in the summer for more than 6 months, and the Hi colore is very shine and deep, while from time to time i transfer few of the outside koi to inside, to injoy with them, last time i transfer my Kikusui from inside to outside and the different is 7 degree, suddenly the orange color become fade but not lost. this is the first time happend to me, but i thought it will come back, because this Kikusui is Nisai and from one year and a half no color ls gone fom it.
            best regards to all


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              My Kohaku faked and eventually turned into nothing two years before. For now still nothing comes back.


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                Koi are very tough and resilient creatures, but their color and skin is very sensitive and easily damaged. Even high quality Koi can be irreparably damaged by sudden changes in water conditions and lesser quality Koi go bad in a hurry.

                We've picked up a few "used" Koi over the years that have partially recovered color that had been previously lost, but the quality is not good any more. These Koi showed NO signs of beni when we got them and we did not know they had actually been a Kohaku in one case and a Yamatonishiki in the other. We thought we were just getting a Shiro Muji and a Gin Bekko

                We now have a poorly patterned Kanoko Kohaku with pale orange beni and a Yamatonishiki with pale yellow/gold hi plates Not the kind of "recovery" you can point to a a "good thing".

                What it does tell us is that water conditions make all the difference in the world and that our water is "beni friendly". A Koi that looses its beni rapidly is not at all likely to recover well (if at all), so I would NEVER buy one that I knew has gone through a sudden loss of beni.
                Larry Iles


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                  This is a experience I have had with one koi. She grew like mad one summer and their went her color, water temps, water quality, sunlight, all play a part in koi development. Make sure when you buy a koi that the color is good and strong. Pale orange, light blue under the skin, and yellowing in the head don't buy.


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