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Polyurea Spray Liner Pond

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  • Lee

    Our ZNA club will be hosting a full show in November 07. Love to have you bring your girls out to play. Hope you get your pond problems handled in short order. I've talked to a few people who complained about problems after none for several years here also. Sooooo, it can't be the water! If it is, switch to Coors - it's the water!! Salude!!!



    • Mike, I love the pond and its very much like my plan. I plan to dry stack it and fill the cells with concrete/rebar. I also will have it Poly sprayed. And it will have two Nexus off the drains. And it will have a bead filter off the skimmer. But Im keeping mine to only 10ft wide so I can bowl and inspect as needed and to take them to shows. I only heard of your pond recently from you. Thats how I found this thread and recently joined the forum. I have been encouraged to do it just like yours but lay geo-textile over the walls and floors and spray on it? I wonder if its due to me living in the northeast (up-state NY) Ive been told that poly really grips well to block and if the block cracked it could compromise the poly? But with a elongation property of 700% I don't see how it would tear or leak even if the block or floor cracked? I like the way it looks sprayed right on the walls and floor. It is a nice clean finish. When applied to geo-textile fabric it has a lumpy look. And opinions on use in the northeast would be greatly appreciated.

      Mike C
      My wife say its my Koi or her. Im sure gonna miss her.


      • Sent you a PM, MikeC. I'll let folks who know about polyurea and cold climate koikeeping answer your question. Doesn't seem necessary to me, but what do I know? My pond temp has been over 75F for a while. My koi have almost gotten over that 60F chill they suffered a day or two last February.


        • Mike C

          You may want to contact Carl Forss at Kierin Koi. He's back east and sprays a lot of ponds. He did MikeM's and Henry Culpepper's if I'm not mistaken. If anyone knows about the two applications and your weather it's Carl!


          Mike P


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