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The 1st All European Shinkokai Koi Show

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  • The 1st All European Shinkokai Koi Show

    KOI 2000 proudly presents the ninth edition of The Dutch Koi & Pond Days which will be held June 3-5 in The Gardens of Appeltern in Appeltern, the Netherlands. During this colourful event in the first weekend of June it's all about 'The 1st All European Shinkokai Koi Show', an international beauty competition of coloured carp. Herewith Appeltern encounters a special scoop; for the first time in history the European championship for Koi will take place. Besides this there will be a big consumer market where Koi and pond equipment will be sold. However, also attention will be paid to bonsai, Japanese art and traditions, gardens and aquaria. And if you think that isn't enough, in The Gardens of Appeltern more than 200 state of the art gardens are waiting for you.

    A beauty contest for Koi and a big consumer market presenting Koi and pond equipment. That's about what The Dutch Koi & Pond Days have to offer. But at our event you will also find the most exclusive show gardens in an eastern atmosphere: Japan, the birth place of Nishikigoi, will be highlighted at every corner of the street. An interesting programme is thus guaranteed!

    Europe's most beautiful Koi

    The Koi show is a beauty contest for coloured carp and always has been the most important element of our event. However, in 2011 the Koi show will be played according to the rules of the Shinkokai for the first time. Shinkokai stands for Zen Nihon Nishikigoi Shinko Kai, the international Koi breeders association that is best known for organizing the biggest Koi show in the world. In the 1st All European Shinkokai Koi Show the international jury will be looking for the most beautiful Koi in Europe. Many hundreds of Koi are expected.

    Cosy consumer market

    The consumer market will offer all the Koi and pond equipment you'll need. The attending dealers, manufacturers and colleague societies are happy to have a pleasant talk with you or give you the needed advice.

    Attention will also be paid to garden products, bonsai, aquaria and Japanese art. A bonsai exhibition will be seen and several karate demonstrations can be followed. Above all the Japanese art exposition '1000 cranes' will open your eyes to a new world....

    The Gardens of Appeltern

    A visit to The 1st All European Shinkokai Koi Show automatically means that you have entrance to The Gardens of Appeltern (De Tuinen van Appeltern), one of the best and biggest garden idea parks of Europe. It is 13 acres wide and has more than 200 state of the art gardens to offer. In at least half of the gardens ponds or water springs are incorporated. Do we need to say more? This is the place to be when it comes to garden and pond ideas! In 2011 The Gardens of Appeltern also offers the second Appeltern Garden Festival, the trend gardens 2011 and the Dutch National Perennial Garden.

    Opening hours

    Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June 2011. Opening hours: 10 AM to 6 PM.

    More info?

    Koi en Vijverdagen - en De Tuinen van Appeltern - Welkom bij De Tuinen van Appeltern
    E: [email protected]
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