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9th Annual Dallas Koi Kichi Koi Show - Sept. 2-4, 2011

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  • 9th Annual Dallas Koi Kichi Koi Show - Sept. 2-4, 2011

    Greetings everyone,

    Only six weeks left before the 9th Annual Dallas Koi Kichi Koi Show at the Bass Pro Shop.

    There are a few tanks available if you have not made your reservations yet.

    To grab the remaining tanks just go to and fill out the form.

    If you are a vendor and are interested in participating in our show please go to our website and fill out the vendor registration form at

    For the latest show information, please visit our site at

    If you are not able to fill out the forms online or are having trouble, please contact me direct.

    John Ames
    2011 9th Annual Koi Show Chair
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 214-533-7882
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    I'll be there to compete for the ultimate prize this year, but Ryan's girls are going to be tuff to be this year. His koi seems to get bigger and better every year. Even if I don't compete this year, I'll still show up to support a great show with great people. Even without being able to see the "DUC SHAKE", this should be a great show.


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      Glad to hear you are coming Tom! I'll be joining the fun as well with my mutts for the first time. That is if they survived this crazy heat!



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        I have my tank reserved! Now to decide which ones to take...Sunny, I may need your help with that! I'm SO looking forward to this one, the venue is amazing! Bass Pro Shop, under the covered boat area. Last year it was so pleasant, even in the heat, and with Bass Pro right next door and their restaurants, we didn't have to go anywhere else all weekend! Hope to see some of my Koi-Bito friends there!
        Vicki Patsdauter
        Dallas Texas
        Friendship through Scales
        Dallas Koi Kichi Club


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          The Results are in...

          Here are the some of the results from the show. More to follow. NEED SLEEP.

          Supreme Champion – Jason and May Wong– Kohaku 25<28
          Grand Champion A – Ryan Vo – Kohaku >28
          Reserve Champion – Jason and May Wong – Showa <28
          Grand Champion B – Carol Marthens – Gin Rin A 25<28
          Mature Champion – Tom and Jennifer Walker – Kohaku 25<28
          Adult Champion – Tom and Jennifer Walker– Kohaku 22<25
          Young Champion – Bob Bodin – Gin Rin A 16<19
          Baby Champion – Carsten Pedersen – Showa 10<13
          Most Unique – Tom Tran– Utsuri 25<28
          Best Male – Carsten Pedersen– Sanke 19<22
          Best Novice – Marilyn Barnard – Showa 19<22
          Best Tategoi – Bob Bodin – Sanke 22<25
          People’s Choice – Ryan Vo– Kohaku >28
          President’s Award – David Escamilla – Showa 10<13
          Show Chair’s Award – Carsten Pedersen – Sanke 19<22
          Long Fin Grand Champion – Arley Hulstrand – Long Fin Non Gosanke <12
          Long Fin Reserve Grand Champion – Vicki Patsdauter – Long Fin Gosanke >12
          Long Fin Young Champion – Arley Hulstrand – Long Fin Non Gosanke >12
          AKCA Award – Bob Bodin – Showa 25<28
          Sweep Stakes Award – Carsten Pedersen
          TKFGS Friendship Award – Carol Marthens – Gin Rin B 13<16
          World Wide Koi Club – Carsten Pedersen – Sanke 13<16
          Tomigai Friendship Award – John Ames - Sanke 19<22


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            Rest of the Results

            Here are the rest of the results.

            Southern AZ Koi Assn Freiendship Award – Tom Tran – Goromo/Goshiki 25<28
            ZNA Southern Koi – Ryan Vo – Sanke 22<25
            IKONA Koi Club – Michael Starkey – Showa 13<16
            Judges Award – Mac McGreevy
            Southern CO Koi Assn Friendship Award – Tom Tran – Goromo/Goshiki 25<28
            Best in Size 1 – Tom and Carol McWhirter – Kohaku up to 10
            Best in Size 2 – Carsten Pedersen – Kohaku 10<13
            Best in Size 3 – Carsten Pedersen – Kohaku 13<16
            Best in Size 4 – Ray and Martha Jordan – Kohaku 16<19
            Best in Size 5 – Carsten Pedersen – Sanke 19<22
            Best in Size 6 – Tom Tran – Showa 22<25
            Best in Size 7 – Tom Tran – Goromo/Goshiki 25<28
            Best in Size 8 – Ryan Vo – Kohaku >28
            Best Kohaku – Tom and Carol McWhirter – 19<22
            Best Sanke – Carsten Pedersen – 13<16
            Best Showa – Carsten Pedersen – 25<28
            Best Utsuri – Tom Tran – 25<28
            Best Gin Rin A – Mac McGreevy – 19<22
            Best Gin Rin B – Carol Marthens – 13<16
            Best Asagi/Shusui – John Ames – 16<19
            Best Goromo/Goshiki – Carsten Pedersen – 16<19
            Best Tancho – Tom and Jennifer Walker – 22<25
            Best Hikari Moyo – Mac McGreevy – 22<25
            Best Hikari Muji – Mac McGreevy – 22<25
            Best Kawarigoi – Jason and May Wong - >28
            Best Long Fin Gosanki >12 – Vicki Patsdauter
            Best Long Fin Non Gosanki <12 – Arley Hulstrand
            Best Doitsu – Carol Marthens


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