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  • MAKC Young Koi Show

    Mid Atlantic Koi Club is having a Young Koi Show this year. That's right,,,fish under 20". The show will be hosted by Nisei Koi Farm in New Jersey, not far from the Delaware Memorial Bridge, not far from ext. one on the NJ Turnpike. With this change we hope to encourage those who have not shown fish in the past but would like to. If you just want to see what's going on and visit with the venders, do a little shopping, have a little barbeque, come out on June 16th. We still have tanks available and a few vender spaces. PS....we could use some help setting up and taking down. Hope to see you there.
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    Can't wait! Our first koi show!


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      MAKC Young Koi Show (NOTE: DATE CHANGE)
      Saturday, September 22
      Hosted by Quality Koi Co., Nisei Koi Farm
      Carney's Point, NJ


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        Ughhh, disappointed . Is'nt that close to harvest time? Would'nt be able to swing both. Hmmm, which to choose?


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          All the available info for the show is on the makc web-site at . Think about filling out the the entry form and getting it in, it will help us know how meny to plan for ,,,we can accept the fees closer to the show.


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