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Shintaro in New York, May 19, 2013

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  • Shintaro in New York, May 19, 2013

    Extremely rare opportunity to work with a breeder from Japan without a facilitator
    Hello All,

    I wanted to send a special reminder announcement with some great news: On May 19th, The MAKC and Tri-State ZNA Koi Clubs will host a free seminar on “Key Strategies and Techniques to Develop Quality Koi”, taught by Masaru Saito. The two clubs worked collaboratively to bring Masaru Saito here from Shintraro Koi Farm in Japan, where Saito San has been studying and raising Koi all his life. His Go-Sanke are acknowledged as some of the finest in the world, and this is a great opportunity for all of our members to gain some insight on the breeding of Koi.

    In 1968, Saito San worked alongside his father, Syosuke, raising Yamatonishiki. In 1994, he started Shintaro Koi Farm (Shintaro Koi »), a family owned and operated business. Saito also has extensive mud ponds in Niigtata, and many of his clients have traveled to these ponds to help in the harvest and to learn more about raising exceptional Koi. In support of the 2013 MAKC Koi Show, Saito will bring two of his Koi for each club to raffle.

    On the evening of May 19th, we will host a dinner to honor Saito and support the upcoming shows for both clubs. The dinner is offered to MAKC and Tri-State ZNA members at a per person cost of $25. Space is limited for both events, so I encourage you to send your reservation promptly to Philip Gray, 211 S Ocean Ave., Freeport, NY, 11520 (RSVP no later than May 10, 2013). Japanese translators will participate in both the seminar and the dinner to ensure that you can understand the Koi lessons Saito San is bringing to us.

    In addition to hosting this seminar while he is here, Saito San will work directly with members who are interested in purchasing Koi. As many of you know, it is extremely rare to work directly with a breeder from Japan without a facilitator involved between seller and buyer, so this is a special opportunity.

    I look forward to seeing you on May 19th at the seminar and the dinner, and I look forward to to sharing in Saito San’s teaching with you.

    Shintaro Koi »
    This site has been made as a place for you to find information about Shintaro Koi farm and other things that may be happening in the mountains of Yamakoshi.

    Philip Gray
    516-486-5163 call for informationClick image for larger version

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    Hi All,

    It is with sadness and a heavy heart that I have to let you know that Saito Maasru could not stay to complete his United States Trip. He learned that his wife's Father passed away and has returned today to Japan to be with his family. Saito was very torn between his commitment to his family and to the American Koi Clubs who were looking forward to learning about koi keeping from Saito's vast knowledge. He wants to each club member to know how sorry he is that he had to return to Japan so quickly. On behalf of all three clubs, I told Saito that we all understand and respect his commitment to his family. This is a sad and unforeseen occurrence. I let him know that we appreciated his willingness and the effort he made to come to America for the Seminar and that we look forward to having him with us next year.

    To acknowledge and compensate the three clubs who shared in the expenses associated with Saito's trip he has donated 3 Koi to the Michigan Club, 2 Koi to the Tri-State ZNA and 2 Koi to MAKC. The Koi will be available for pick up at the Tri-State ZNA Koi Show at the end of the month. It is also appropriate to let you all know that the travel expenses associated with this trip have already been credited towards Saito's return next year, so we can all look forward his return without the need for additional expenses.

    On behalf of both Saito and myself we are sorry for this change of plans and appreciate your understanding and support.

    Sincerely Your

    Philip Gray
    President of Tri-State ZNA Koi Club
    AKJA Candidate judge


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