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Quality Koi Shiro Utsuri and ZNA (Potomac & Tri-State) event

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  • Quality Koi Shiro Utsuri and ZNA (Potomac & Tri-State) event

    Fellow ZNA Members:

    Mat McCann of Quality Koi Farm in New Jersey has presented ZNA Potomac and Tri-States ZNA with an interesting proposal. Mat has offered to ZNA members of the two clubs an opportunity to purchase Shiro Utsuri and to have those Shiro Utsuri spend the summer in the Quality Koi mud ponds.

    Here is how it would work. ZNA members of the two clubs would pay for the opportunity to select a Shiro Utsuri from a hand selected group that Mat is placing in the mud pond this summer. The fee would allow those participating to select a koi at the time of harvest. Each individual participating would be placed in a lottery for selecting order. The fee for this event is $300 per Shiro Utsuri.

    The pond would be pulled on a specific pre-announced time so that ZNA members could attend. Photos of the koi before going into the pond will be taken and available. The koi are approximately 6 – 7 inches at this time and could reach 14 – 16 inches by harvest. This is a great opportunity to purchase a Shiro Utsuri from the mud pond, without worrying about your selection dying, being attacked by predators, or being the wrong sex.

    This is currently only available to full ZNA members. If other individuals would like to participate in this program, then they must join ZNA through either ZNA Potomac or Tri-states ZNA to be eligible. Please contact Mike Frady or Phil Gray to participate in the program. Mike and Phil will ensure that your memberships are complete and will forward the list of names to Quality Koi so you can make the appropriate payments.

    We look forward to a great summer program and hope that you will join us at Quality Koi Farm for the ZNA Shiro Utsuri Pond Harvest. We would like of offer a special thank you to Mat McCann and Joe Zuritsky of Quality Koi Farm for their continued support of ZNA in this area.

    Yours in koi,

    Mike Frady, Pres Potomac

    Philip Gray

    President of Tri-State ZNA Koi Club
    AKJA Candidate judge

    Join ZNA and take part in this awesome opportunity!
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