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an Uitwisselingsbezoek or Koi-Trek 2005

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  • an Uitwisselingsbezoek or Koi-Trek 2005

    Uitwisselingsbezeok - I bet that caught your attention.

    No it is not Klingon for bead-filter its a Dutch word for exchange visit and thats what Koi-Trek is all about. This weekend, my club, the South East Section BKKS will leave for Holland to attend the Dutch National Koi show at Arcen. Included in the trip will be a visit to some Dutch Koi Ponds and we are invited to their Dinner-dance etc.

    The following weekend, the favour is returned. They arrive in the UK, get to see a local pond on the Friday, and then on Saturday a neigbouring section will give them a tour of their ponds before sending them back to us for our BBQ. Sunday and Monday they visit our show.

    This will be the 3rd year that the Koi-Trek has been in operation and its a great way of spreading the word and sharing the hobby.

    It's too late to sign up, but I thought I'd share the idea with you in case it can be organised in your neck of the woods.

    It's also a cheap way of advertising our two shows.

    19 - 21st August - The 13th NVN Show in Arcen, Holland
    28 - 29th August - the 19th South East BKKS show, Swanley, Kent, UK.

    rgds BERN
    South East Koi Club

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    Hi There Bern

    I bet those dutch guys are arriving right about now

    Did you enjoy the dutch national?


    Regenmeneer (which is also dutch)


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      Hi Mr Rain,

      Yes I always enjoy the Dutch National.

      I received a phone call this morning at 7am - an unholy time for a man working on the showground - from them. They are on their way.

      Today they will visit the pond of one of our members. He was the winner of last years Mature Ch and Young Ch and the pond also contains a GC from 1995.

      Tomorrow, they visit 3 ponds of a neighbouring club before coming to the show ground for a traditional English meal - Fish & Chips.

      And then Sunday & Monday its SHOW TIME.

      I'll be publishing the results on Sunday night.

      tot zeins
      South East Koi Club


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