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Spokane, Washington 6th Annual Koi Show

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  • Spokane, Washington 6th Annual Koi Show

    Anyone traveling in the Pacific Northwest this weekend might want to stop by Spokane for the Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society's 6th Annual Koi & Goldfish Show at the Spokane Fairgrounds.

    http:\\ for more information.

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    spokane? where's that? Arenit you from thr famous potatoe state,Gene?
    Dick Benbow


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      Dick and Gene - Don't know what it is about this koi show but our local TV stations and news paper have jumped on it once again. Morning news shows both Saturday and Sunday will carry glimpses of our show along with a roving reporter from the news paper. In addition we have koi entries from Oregon, Western Washington and Idaho to go along with our local contingent. Set-up crew appreciation BBQ Friday evening, lots of fun with a host of hobby and backyard vendors, wow it is going to be a "Koi Show Good Time" in Spokane. Good luck to all entries, thank you Dick for heading up the benching team. Art & Nicole Lembke, Lester Berkow judging Koi and Scott with wife Jane judging gold fish. How much fun can you squeeze into a week-end. Good luck to all!!!


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        SORRY DAN FOR THE GITTY RAZING OF GENE. Glad you seriously set things straight! looking forward to our time together. weather's got to be perfect!
        Dick Benbow


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          Dick - Gene needs a little razing, I do it all the time!

          Weather is fantastic, couldn't be better. Lester is flying in from Hurricane country, hope he gets out OK. Dotti has polished up her taxi and is looking forward to seeing you and Jo Ann. Sharon always loves to talk koi with you so I'm sure between the two of you, the week-end will fly by very quickly.

          See you soon!


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            Spokane Koi Show Photos

            Here are some photos of the show




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