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ChampKoi Show and Seminar NorCal.

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  • ChampKoi Show and Seminar NorCal.

    Koi Show
    Koi Seminar
    Tosai Selecting Competition


    Date: April 24 & 25, 2004
    Location: Champion Nishikigoi
    3395 Keaton Loop
    San Jose, CA 95121
    Event: Koi Show
    Koi Seminar
    Tosai Selecting Competition

    Guest Judges: Mr. Hirasawa Hisashi (Marudo Koi Farm)
    Mr. Grant Fujita


    About the Koi Show:
    SFBAKC (San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club) and Champion Nishikigoi will host the koi show. Information and entry forms will be available soon.

    About the Koi Seminar:
    Seminar given by Mr. Marudo will be covering topics such as bloodline, breeding, selecting tosai tategoi, development of tosai and koi keeping tips. Mr. Grant Fujita will be lecturing on how to buy tategoi and the characteristics of bloodlines from different well-known bloodlines.

    About the Tosai Selecting Competition:
    It is good to know which type of koi will improve and to learn the tendencies of a particular line. The competition will allow hobbyist to compare their rearing skills and eyes to that of their peers. All tosai of varying quality will be on display and made available for purchase at the same time. After all selections are made, we will photograph all the koi. Next year we ask the participant to bring back their koi to see among their peers who is the best koi keeper. A prize of $500 will be awarded for the best growth, condition, and development.
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.
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