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  • if you have a choice ....

    Here are two sanke and one showa tosai that my koi buddy got it at our ZNA NorCal club meeting last month...all are tosai from Sakai. If you have a choice to pick one, which one you pick? and the reason?

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    Selecting young koi

    Hi Dinh,
    All are very interesting. However, for my taste I would select the sanke with the swoosh over the eye. The body from the picture seems the largest and most correctly shaped for its size. The hi patches are evenly distributed and the sumi is nicely placed. The other sanke has too large an odome . The hi seems more of a gamble. As for the showa, although very vivid and fully developed sumi and hi, the koi hardly has any shiro, The standard rule is a tri-colored face. What do you think?


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