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Publication Available Covering Show Champs Across America?

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  • Publication Available Covering Show Champs Across America?

    Has anyone found a publication that comprehensively covers all the koi shows with pics of the winners, owners, and stats? Surely AKCA and maybe KoiFixx come closest to having the most data, but having a comprehensive collection of this data in one publically available publication could serve a variety of purposes. For one thing having such information readily available to the hobbyist for comparing the champions from around the country might further stimulate interest in a national competition regardless of how that were to come about in terms of organization via regional judging teams maybe or maybe even a Superbowl playoff sort of event.

    Readily available pics and stats in one publication providing easy access to the hobbyist and general public could go a long way in promoting the concept.

    Something else about a national show: How about considering that most lay hobbyists expect there to be a koi show at the Annual AKCA Seminar for that event to include competition by invitation to the winning categories from each show from around the country that year? Sure this would be problematic for those on the opposite coast as the seminar rotates annually West to East, but that would be the opportunity for hands on viewing by the judging team and enhance the draw to the Seminar for koi kichis. Plus, venues would have to be chosen that can accomodate a show. And the timing of shows and qualification times would have to be dealt with and set in stone. Yet, AKCA along with the hosting club/clubs could then herald the dawn of a national championship and champion!
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