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All Florida Koi And Pond Show - AFKAPS

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  • All Florida Koi And Pond Show - AFKAPS

    The Koi clubs of Florida would like to invite you to a fun filled Koi weekend this March 5th, 6th and 7th, 2004. This years show will have an international judging team from the U.S., Holland and South Africa. For the latest information on the show, check out our website at:

    Rod L.
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    Rod: Just saw the updated website. Looking great! I particularly noted a wonderful line-up of dealers: Keirin Koi, Quality Koi, Nishikigoi of Niigata, USA Koi, Genki Koi, Eastern Nishikigoi, Blackwater Creek & other Florida breeder-dealers. Wow. I need that much temptation like a hole in the head. Hope they all sell out . ... Then maybe Brady & Brett will get enticed to make the trip.

    Can't wait for the Friday nite panel w/JR & crew. Want to see how fast the brain cells work after the bar has been open for 3 hours.


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      Got any pics of the winners?

      Does anyone from the shows have pics of the winners? If so post them up........
      The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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        Here are the results from the 2004 All Florida Koi and Pond Show (AFKAPS). Enjoy,


        Judges and Show personnel; LtoR – Joe White (Co-Director), Bob Winkler, Tom Ayers, Steve Drake, Jim Reilly (Head Judge), Toen Feyen (ZNA, Holland), Mike Harvey (ZNA, South Africa) and Sherri White (Director). Not pictured is Don Hellard, Show Chairman (too damn busy to stand still for photo):

        Grand Champion, Kohaku owned by Khanh Nguyen

        Grand Champion B, Shiro Utsuri owned by Joe and Sherri White

        Reserve Champion, Kohaku owned by David Smothers

        Best Mature, Sanke owned by Khanh Nguyen

        Best Young, Kohaku owned by Graham Hawkins

        Best Baby, Kohaku owned by Andrew Desantes

        Jumbo Award, Sanke owned by Grant Patton

        Most Unique, Goshiki owned by Mike McMahon

        Best in Size 6, owned by Bob Higley

        Best in Size 5, owned by Bob Higley

        Orlando, FL


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