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    Originally posted by rifraf View Post
    Hey guys (brothers) hehehe
    Are you guys competing in like a koi grow out show????
    Sorry if I missed something in an earlier post....
    Curious if there was a date you all was comming together to compare apples and oranges. See who has grown the biggest and best koi?
    I would love to go to some Koi shows!
    Wished I had some of you experts closer to me! I don't think there are any REAL serious koi enthusiest close to me. Next year I might have to go on a road trip and see how some REAL koi are suppose to look!
    God bless!!!!
    Hi Rifraf - While reading through this forum I saw your post and wanted you to know there is at least one serious koi keeper in Utah. I live in Lindon and have been keeping and showing koi for the last 15 years.


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