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Koi2002's Growout Form

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  • Koi2002's Growout Form

    Koi Info
    Koi 1 size when recieved: #131, 6 inches 1/26/08
    Koi 2 size when recieved: #t197, 5 inches 1/26/08

    Koi 1 size between 6/1/08 and 7/1/08:
    Koi 2 size between 6/1/08 and 7/1/08:

    Koi 1 size between 2/1/09 and 3/1/09:
    Koi 2 size between 2/1/09 and 3/1/09:

    Pond temp when received: 50 degree
    Pond temp at 6 month photo:
    Pond temp at final photo:

    Pond Info
    Gallons: 13,500
    Stocking rate: 16 (ranging from 15in to 30in)
    Filtration: Three Spindrifter bottom drain, Two 250 gallons settling chamber, Four 500 gallons K1 Media, One Aquabead 6.0 filter, One Advantage 15 Bead filter
    Liner Type: Gunite
    Turnover rate: 1 1/2 times per hour.
    Dimensions: ? x ? x 7 ft deep (L-shape)
    Water changes per week: one per week
    Amount of water changed %: 8-10% per week.

    Food Info
    Brand and Type fed: Saki Hikari Growth, Hikari Wheat Germ, KoiJumbo Silkworm Pupae

    Owner Info
    Years in hobby: 8
    Years buying show koi: 3
    Zone: 9
    State: Southern California

    Fun Stuff
    Koi 1 sex guess when received: male
    Koi 2 sex guess when received: female
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    Pick #32, Koi #131.
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      Pick #142, Koi # t197
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        I will be out of the contest since I probably will not be able to provide the update at 6 months. I have been trying to catch the damn koi for the past few days but they are too fast for me. I will try again later. However, I will definitely update with pictures at 12 months when they are bigger and slower. Sorry.


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          Find a friend and a seine net if you can. It would be a shame for you to miss out on the competition just because you can't catch them. (they are some FAST little buggers aren't they)
          Larry Iles


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            don't give up yet!
            you got a few more days to catch them


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              Reduce the water.............then take your time......
              Koi Wrangler


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