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    How about we use this thread to make predictions about each other's growout fish? Good, bad, silly or serious, we can post pics of our new charges to be commented and critiqued by others now and as they develop.

    I'll start by critiquing my growout and what I 'think' I see in her--you tell me if you think I'm spot on or full of it, and what you think instead.


    She's a stout fish, will probably not be a long one--a fat spindle shape. Gonna have great motoguro, a perfect menware, and her shiroji just gleams. I am hoping that the hi plates develop marusome kiwa--my other Ogata has some lovely marusome edging to both her beni and sumi, so I'm hoping that this fish does too. I expect a band of sumi coming up from her pec area to balance out the open white of her shoulder on our left hand side, putting all three colors up behind her head instead of half red/half white. Her pattern should balance out front to back and side to side when more sumi emerges. Of course, she could lose all of her beni and become a Shiro Utsuri. But I just don't think so. If you do, please explain why.

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    I think she will keep her beni Marie but I don't know if that sumi is going to show up on that shoulder where you are hoping, it is very white and gleaming and I don't se any hints of sumi hiding there.

    but you have the right idea....prepare for the worst and hope for the best!


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