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    To all my Hotaru Sanke GO friends. If you still have your sanke please hold on to them, because you will not be able to get another one for that price. Because it has been so hot for the last several weeks and without any rain to replenish or cool down their mud ponds Dainichi has lost their Oyagoi sanke "HOTARU". Hotaru the Dainichi sanke nicknamed "Firefly" was only breed twice and her tosai were offered to Houston as a growout this year is no more.

    YouTube - ‪tcuduc's Channel‬‎
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    Man what a bummer! Well, that means I better keep mine.

    The sanke that Duc asked about ended up with Dick Benbow, what a nice sanke.


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      that sucks! those guys must be heart broken....i know i am.

      what a loss for koi kichis around the world

      hope their other oyagoi such as Rikidouzan, Sakura, Kokugyo, Sayuri, and Gaichapin make it through

      i wonder how many other koi are lost in the ponds due to heat wave at Dainichi and other farms?

      good luck to those that have koi in the mud in japan and hope they are there come October/november




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        Even the most highly respected breeders in the world are brought low by weather. It's a sad reminder that farming is full of risk without regard to skill.


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          It was saddening to receive the news. And i agree that it shows no one is exempt from weather, predation and other things beyond their control. It does encourage us all to think about weather extremes and to do what we can to be prepared to prevent it.

          Purdin Koi farm, which is in the heat of the south at the moment, took steps this spring to
          move their oyagoi from the mudponds to their new "the river" indoor facility. this will go a long way towards permiting more control and protection to safeguard their lines.

          Normally, most breeders will set aside a few individuals from both sexes from each spawn to retain the genetics of their parent stock. So hopefully there is two years production to select from to continue her line.
          Dick Benbow


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            this is kinda like when Eagle passed on of Momotaro Fame and Benibana of SFF fame....
            The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.


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