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  • Bacteria

    I was wondering if you could get good bacteria from placing a filter mat in a branch and letting the water run through the mat, or would I pick up to much bad bacteria Just thinking a little here.
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    I assume you ask this with the notion of using this extra media for a quarantine tank.
    It's all relative to the amount of nutrients that flow through the matt. If you let pond water flow across a filter substrate it will be colonized by bacteria. But this will only be in relationship ship to the percentage of total nutrients present in the pond.
    If, for example, you places a bit of matting in a pond with 10 fish that represented 10% of your total filter surface area and let it mature completely, this separate matting would only be able to support perhaps a single fish if it was removed an placed in a Q-tank. It would be better than a virgin piece of matting but you could expect high nitrite levels for the first month until the bacterial levels adjusted to the new situation.
    I find this happens to me quite often when I use my Q-tank in this manner. I compensate by adding a bit of salt until the media adjusts
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      So the length of time will not matter then? It was an idea I had for a 55 gallon fish tank that my son has.

      Good idea for a QT tank as I had not thought of that. Im still wondering about bad bacteria doing this.


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        Actually I don't think it that bad an idea for an aquarium. The load would be much lighter compared to koi in a Q-Tank. You would want to make sure the water is flowing through the media and not just over it. It would take at least 6 weeks for the bacteria to establish them selves to a minimum extent but it would most certainly give the filter a head start through the entire cycle.
        As for "Bad" bacteria, these are more likely to be governed by the situation within the pond and later in the aquarium than the actual contents of the filter media.
        Let me explain... water in a pond contains a wide variety of bacteria of various compositions. These will range from benificial to detrimental to totally neutral in as far as they relate to koi health The ratios will depend on the quality of the pond and the skill of the koi-keeper. Most fish can cope with a small amount od pathogens. It's only when these become overwelming and the immune system of the fish is compromised that a fish gets sick. In the same way we don't fall ill everytime someone near us sneezes.

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          Thanks Scott. I just wanted to make sure before I do something like this. Since you have brought this to my attention about a QT tank I think I will give it a try, and place a couple of koi in the tank just to help establish the filter even better. It just makes sence to me since their are fish in a branch that this just might work.


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            My Q-tank runs on Kaldnes K1 which I simply remove from my main filter when needed!
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