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  • Your largest koi

    I would like to know how large is your largest koi. I replace almost all of my koi in the last year, so I don't have any real large ones yet. Most of my koi are 18" to 22". I have only that's about 27" and that is the largest right now.


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    Mine are all young, the largest maybe around 19". Hope to have my 3 largest (17-19" now) to the mid to high 20's by fall.
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      Tom, my experience is similar to yours. All my biggies are down the road and the current ones i have are under 4 years of age. My sakai Asagi from magoi bloodline is up to 25 inches so I'm hopeful she'll get over 30 dispite my tiny pond.

      My koi kichi's biggest one which I help each year load up for the shows ( Nightmare) is 31 inches.

      I have to say from a moving or treatment concern 24 inches is a nice max size.

      If you never had to touch em 36 would be nice!
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        You guys are doing better than me my biggest is only 17 inches and Im trying to breed.


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          I have a doitsu platinum that I grew from 5" and now is 28"....That's my largest koi in my pond right now. Everything else measures 18"-22"...
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            Most Are 17-18 Kohaku Which Is 25 Or Two Smaller 13-15 Inch. A Total Of 15 In Pond At Moment.....two Waiting To Come Home.


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              Since we are on the subject of koi can anyone tell me what a koi is called year after year. What I mean is like, what is Tategoi?


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                ah, how can i pass up another chance to tell the world of my pride and joy. a 36-37" (92cm) soragoi which i grew from 20" and is not yet yonsai.
                the way she eats up her food, thank goodness Saki Hikari here doesn't cost what it does in the States.


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                  Soelistyo: I would love to see such a large Soragoi. I very much prefer them over Chagoi.

                  My largest is "Junior", a low quality Hariwake hatched in my lily pond. She is now right at 28". I am hoping another will gain on her during the course of this season.


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                    New rule for this thread, no one is aloud to post a size unless they show us a picture of it too


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                      O.K., [email protected], here is the only pic of Junior I could find. She is special to me, but not because of how she looks!
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                        Ok, my biggest is a hosokai asagi. Some of you (especially DickB) might remember I have posted this photo before. It was a sansai, born in June 2002, measuring 67 cm in March 2005. It should reach more then 70 cm now.
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                          Ok Tom, here are some of mine, the biggets is a male Ai Goromo of 52 cm and he took 4 cm from march to now, the other are all between 30 and 35 cm and some of them are growing faster.
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                            I was just about to post of my largest, but now having read the last post from Daz, I'll have to go and find some photos first!

                            My real dream is to have my own bred as my biggest koi. The way things are going, I'm sure this will be the case in time.


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                              Mine is this Goshiki. I just got it so I don't have the exact measurement but its 20+ inches. My biggest that I have grown myself is a kigoi that started out at about 2 inches and is now 20 inches.

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