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  • Peroxide

    How do I use peroxide to clear a pond with heavy algie? For some reason my main pond does not want to clear up. I only have 4 koi in the pond and it is 1200 gallon and most of the time it stay crystal clear. Cleaned the pond about 3 weeks ago and the bloom started again overnight. Most of the time I can get it to clear up for me, this year I cant get the bloom to die for nothing.
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    You use potassium promaginate(pp)...and its very dangerous stuff. Hydrogen Peroxide is used to neutralize pp. Most people don't use peroxcide anymore and just let the filter clear out the brown water. If you want to use it then read this

    Be very careful though as you could kill all your koi.

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      I did not know you had to go through all that, I thought you just added peroxide to the water and that was it. I wont be doing this as I dont want to go through all that, I think I will just wait and see if it clears up on it own. I put barley bails in the pond and that most of the time clears the water for me, but this time it aint working.


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