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  • clean your air pump filter

    i was looking for the thread where we were chatting about air pumps and diaphram changing kits etc and couldn't find it.

    Yesterday, I went thru the annual cleaning of the air filter for my air pumps and wanted to mention it. I have all my pumps inside my filter room and clean the pads annually. was surprised how dirty they get. When was the last time you took the top off yours and checked?

    It's a simple process of removing and cleaning in dish detergent and then air or blow drying. It does help!

    BTW with the 40 model of Hi Blows and alita's if the diaphram goes it kills the pump (damages) where you have to buy another. Cheaper to do the replacement kit annually. the 80 models and up are not designed the same and you can just replace the diaphram and pick up where you left off!
    Dick Benbow
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    How do you know, in the case of the alita 40, if it is bad? We had a blown diaphragm, and replaced it, and the pump is still working. Were we just lucky, or is there damage that does not manifest itself immediately? Thanks! MJ


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      Thanks for the tip Dick--that is something I have not checked in awhile....


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        if you replaced the diaphram and it's still working you dodged a bullet! According to the manufacturer, once blown all is lost.

        I think like oil changes it doesn't hurt to note when you replaced something so you know when it's time to do it again!
        Dick Benbow


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          This marks the 3rd season I have been running my three Medo air pumps without checking or replacing diaphrams. I have a 40 lpm for each of 2 Nexus units for aeration and an 80 lpm for the air diffusers in the pond. I have removed the covers of the air pumps and cleaned the sponge pad that lays underneath the cover. I believe the incoming air must move through this sponge.

          I seem to remember that the Medo air pump is piston driven. Does that mean it doesn't have a diaphram?

          Any other Medo owners out there?




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            if it's true and you don't have a diaphram but piston your lucky. Glad to see you keeping the air filter clean. I'm always amazed how much gunk they collect!
            Dick Benbow


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              Medo (and some Sweetwater) are piston driven. A bit more cost up front and most of the time can't push alot of pressure, but lack of diaphram make for really solid pumps.

              Pushing air domes -- diaphram pump. Pushing airstones at 4' or less (like Nexus or other filters) then a Medo is the way to go.


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                Thanks for the heads up. I'm running one of those sweetwater linear pistons to power some airstones at a 4' depth and had no clue that the air filter needed to be cleaned.
                It has been over a year and it definately needed it. I just finished cleaning it today and without your post would have just left it running.
                You think the manufacturer would let you know, but we all know that is not always the case.


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