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  • news from the blueberry farm

    The shiro's, our #1 pair spawned on father's day. So next saturday I get to do some culling. Also the kohaku's will have to be bred. The chagoi are over 1/2 an inch now. they dine on daphne and brine shrimp. A few of the kigoi's are getting up there as well. Our pond of showa just about got wiped out with an infestation of preditor bugs. (always something) plus last year's babies are being thinned unmercilessly by a blue heron. Gotta have something to take the joy out of it or everyone would be raising em right? At last count I had 2 baby asagi's left! ( see other living things besides me favor blue koi!) I have my eyes set on 8
    little guys that need to get overnighted soon. getting a lot closer. Oh and the bluberries are starting to put on some size. just not turning blue yet!

    sorry for the aimless ramblings but thought it might be fun to let you know what's going on. my sweetie is getting stronger by the day and in a week or so we get to visit the heart surgeon for an assesment on her progress. as the chief wound cleaner and bandager, maybe it was a good thing I did alot of koi doctoring over the years to kind of practice up for the "real thing"!
    Dick Benbow
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    It feels so good to see you cheer up Dick

    and of course that things are going for the better :-)

    As of now I am enjoying the sweet Oregon strawberries (we have a nice production in ourbackyard, right next to the koi pond).

    Oh, this brings a thought about plant toxicity to koi: I have had hoi eat Hostas for years now and none ever got sick (got figure why it is listed as toxis).

    Anyway, it is really good to see you thinking positive


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      Thanks Dick,

      I always enjoy an update, now if someone can just teach you how to post pictures . Good to hear you're wife is getting stronger by the day.
      Jaco Vorster
      South Africa


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        Dick, maybe it is time for the blueberry farm to invest in a dog ... one trained to attack long-legged birds.


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          Originally posted by MikeM
          Dick, maybe it is time for the blueberry farm to invest in a dog ... one trained to attack long-legged birds.
          or maybe a BIG CAT for the blueberry farm. Like a Kentucky Wildcat. That would take care of it.

          Maybe we can ship one up there.

          Other than your trials and tribulations with the bugs and the birds, it sounds like your breeding is progressing nicely. How many showa do you have left? What are the sizes now? Any pictures? If you have a problem posting pictures, email some to me and I'd be glad to post them for you.



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            Arthur, same deal with hostas in my pond. Oh well, quess people can't be right all the time!

            Dale, a wildcat might like shusui? Kinda like certain dogs!

            Mike I think there is about 100 or so left of the showa. they are still relatively small.

            thanks to all for their comments.I'll see what i can do shortly picture wise. It is good to get back to the old grind. has some comfort in it. ( not for the back tho)!
            Dick Benbow


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              Dick glad to hear your missis is on the mend. Glad to see you still have some time to play as well

              Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat


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                Hello dear.

                Man I wish I could send Minnow to you. She would give you about 200,000 babies to work with. If I could get her there I sure would.


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                  Thanks SMG

                  She has always been my favorite and probably contributed to my off the scale
                  cracy love for this color variety. Tommy came here to our koi show twice but neither time did he have any asagi's!But I remember the story you told of how
                  you aquired her. You'll have to post a picture of her sometime so other's who've never seen her at the shows can see her gigantic frame!

                  I have 10 coming home soon in the 3-4 inch class and with your permission, I'll name one of them "Minnow". One I've decide to call KB in honor of Brian's magazine. I feel like a kid at christmas in anticipation. Arthur who posts here
                  is gonna visit the place in Japan where minnow was born and look for a younger brother for me this fall! I was trying to stick away a few bucks to make the trip myself but the bills are starting to roll in from the open heart surgery...nuff said!
                  Dick Benbow


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